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At Green Dev Access, we're your partner for technological solutions that integrate eco-design, Green IT and accessibility. Our mission is to transform the digital landscape into a more sustainable and inclusive environment. We firmly believe that technology, as a medium, can make a positive contribution, reducing the digital carbon footprint and ensuring equitable access to solutions that benefit everyone.

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Our services

Our world is changing, and major challenges are emerging in IT: the environment and social issues.

Green Dev Access offers you a complete range of services to integrate eco-design, Green IT and accessibility into your digital strategy. Our solutions are designed to maximize your environmental impact while improving the accessibility of your products and services.

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Digital eco-design is a key approach to reducing the environmental impact of technology. Green Dev Access guides you in creating digital products and services that respect the planet, by minimizing energy consumption and adopting eco-responsible practices.

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Digital accessibility is essential to ensure that everyone can access your website or application with ease. AdaptifY is the innovative solution that makes this possible. Our tool offers an inclusive online experience by adapting the display to the individual needs of each user, whether visual, motor, cognitive or temporary.

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Accessibility is at the heart of our approach. We work with associations and organizations to help you make your websites, applications and online platforms compliant with accessibility standards, including the RGAA. Our aim is to make the digital world accessible to everyone, whatever their abilities.

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Our commitments

Our commitment to a green and responsible future

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected. Every day connects us more to each other and to our digital environment. However, with this exponential growth in technology comes the responsibility to shape a future where digitization isn't just powerful. That's where Green Dev Access comes in.

At Green Dev Access, we are driven by a deep conviction: technology must not leave a negative impact on our planet, nor exclude those who need it most. Our company was born of this vision: a commitment to a sustainable future.

We believe in the importance of technological innovation, but we also believe in preserving our planet. That's why we've combined these two elements to create Green Dev Access, a company that strives to reduce the carbon footprint of digital technology while making its benefits accessible to all.

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Our partnerships

Associative partnerships: a commitment to society and the environment

At Green Dev Access, we believe in the power of collaboration. We work in close synergy with non-profit associations that share our values.


In partnership with associations that support disabled people, we offer our services to redesign and reorganize websites so that they are accessible to all. This includes optimizing navigation, providing alternative descriptions for images, and adapting content to meet the specific needs of disabled users.


We organize workshops, training courses and awareness-raising events to help individuals and companies understand environmental and digital inclusion issues. We believe in education as a catalyst for change.


We actively collaborate with associations and companies involved in tree planting around the world. Our aim is to create a positive impact by supporting these reforestation efforts and contributing to the regeneration of our planet.

Our commitment to a sustainable and inclusive future doesn't stop there. We invite each and every one of you to join us in this quest. Whether you're a company, an association or an individual, together we can create a significant and positive impact on our planet and our society.

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Green Dev Access

Why work with us ?

Our team is made up of experts in eco-design, Green IT and digital accessibility, ready to guide you into the era of responsible digital design.

By working with us, you actively contribute to reducing the digital carbon footprint.

We are passionately committed to making technology accessible to all, thereby strengthening digital inclusion.

Our OptimizʼIT tool is designed to improve energy performance. To ensure maximum efficiency of your infrastructure.

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