Our commitment to a sustainable world

At Green Dev Access, we are deeply committed to environmental sustainability and positive societal impact. Our commitments reflect our vision of a world where technology actively contributes to the preservation of our planet and a more equitable society.

Our current environmental and social initiatives

B Corp logo

B-corp (in process)

The B Corp label, or “Benefit Corporation”, is a certification awarded to companies committed to balancing their financial goals with social and environmental objectives. B Corp companies are assessed on the basis of their positive impact on society, the environment, employees and local communities. They must meet rigorous standards of social and environmental responsibility.

    ISO 26000 logo

    ISO 26000 (in progress)

    ISO 26000 is an international document issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The main objectives of ISO 26000 are as follows:

    • - Guide organizations in understanding and implementing CSR.
    • - Promote an integrated approach to CSR, taking into account social, environmental and economic issues.
    • - Provide guidance for engaging stakeholders, setting priorities and measuring CSR performance.
    Agence LUCIE logo

    Lucie ( in process )

    The Lucie label is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) certification designed to assess and recognize companies' ethical and responsible practices. This certification attests that the company integrates social, environmental, ethical and economic concerns into its activities.

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