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Who are we?

In 2022, Green Des Access was born of the desire to respond to the new environmental and societal challenges facing businesses. Our aim is to limit the digital footprint and make it accessible to all.

This is our story

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How it all began

Green Dev Access began by seeking to improve digital accessibility while integrating eco-design principles to minimize environmental impact. We invested in training to better understand the needs of users with limitations. We have also developed Green IT solutions to reduce companies' digital carbon footprint. In collaboration with associations, we promote digital inclusion. These first steps reflect our commitment to an accessible, sustainable and inclusive digital future.

Our vision

The Green Dev Access story begins with a bold vision: to make digital accessible to everyone, regardless of limitations. We established our values in digital accessibility by designing inclusive websites and applications. We soon expanded our mission to encompass eco-design and Green IT, reducing our environmental footprint while improving accessibility. In partnership with associations, we work to promote digital inclusion within our local economic fabric.

Our mission

Green Dev Access has embarked on an awareness-raising process, transforming the way companies perceive accessibility. Beyond inclusion, we have integrated eco-design and Green IT, adding an environmental dimension to our mission. We show companies how accessible digital design can enhance user experience, strengthen customer loyalty and comply with accessibility laws. We've helped companies adopt accessibility standards, integrate accessibility into their product development cycle and raise employee awareness. Our mission is to create a digital ecosystem where accessibility and sustainability come together for the benefit of all.



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Our engagement

Green Dev Access embodies a bold vision for a responsible, inclusive and sustainable digital future. We are pioneers who are actively shaping this future, alongside our customers, employees and associations. Our expertise encompasses digital accessibility, eco-design and Green IT, and we are committed to societal initiatives that promote digital inclusion. Our mission is to co-create a better digital world. Join us on this adventure towards a more humane and environmentally-friendly digital future.

Our commitment

At Green Dev Access, we deeply believe that our expertise in the IT field, particularly in accessibility and Green IT, should not be disconnected from our raison d'être as a socially and environmentally responsible company. We have made the bold choice to merge these two essential dimensions of our identity. This is reflected in our active involvement with organizations and associations. For example, we are redesigning websites to make them both accessible to all and eco-designed, thus contributing to both digital inclusion and the preservation of our environment. In addition, we have established partnerships with ESAT (Établissements et Services d'Aide par le Travail) to create inclusive employment opportunities, ensuring that our action extends beyond the boundaries of our company.



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The future

We are committed to extending our societal impact by intensifying our collaborations with organizations and associations, in order to make digital technology accessible to the widest possible audience, especially those most in need. Redesigning websites to make them accessible and eco-friendly will remain a central pillar of our mission. At the same time, we will continue to invest in the research and development of innovative Green IT solutions, helping businesses to reduce their digital carbon footprint. Our ambition is to become a key player in the responsible digital transition.

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